Winbitx, an Exchange that is growing with Time

Ever since the foundation of online trading, thousands of online trading exchanges have been founded. Not many of these exchanges have managed to survive through the changes and developments of the trading markets. However, there is one exchange that has managed to survive one shift after another and it is constantly growing in the industry. The name of the exchange I am talking about is Winbitx and I am going to talk about this exchange today in my Winbitx review to increase your knowledge.

Changes to Trading Options

Over time, Winbitx has continued revamping its services constantly to meet the requirements and demands of the investors. The components it has made the most amount of improvements include:

MT4 to MT5 on Different Platforms

Although Winbitx started off with MetaTrader 4 (MT4), it soon inducted the MetaTrader 5 (MT5) trading platform with more functionalities and improvements. However, Winbitx has not expelled MT4 as it is still in very high demand due to its features and functionalities. Both platforms are available through smartphones, tablets, and desktops. Some tools/services these platforms offer include market news, market review, trading signals, price alerts, economic calendar, money management, chat support, algo-trading, and trading instructions.

Trading Accounts as Per Traders’ Experience

Ove time, Winbitx has continued increasing its catalogue for trading accounts as per the traders’ needs and experience. So far, the exchange has increased the number of accounts all the way up to 7 as well as introducing an Islamic account. The choice falls upon the investors to choose the account as per their experience and trading needs. Each account comes with a minimum deposit requirement and the least amount of initial deposit required is for ($,€)1,000.

Trading Assets as Per Market Growth

As the online trading industry has continued growing, Winbitx has continued taking challenges head-on, increasing its catalog for trading instruments. So far, Winbitx has added five major trading instruments that are indices, commodities, forex, and stocks. The latest asset that they have added is cryptocurrencies due to its high demand and lucrative nature. The teams at Winbitx are highly experienced, well-versed, and gurus when dealing with any of the trades. This simply means that the teams at Winbitx have your back as you trade and advance through the trading markets.

Regulations Were the First Adoption from Winbitx

As Winbitx came into being, the most prominent feature about the exchange was its regulatory compliance. Ever since its foundation, the exchange has demonstrated strict compliance with KYC and AML regulations. There is no way Winbitx would ever show any flexibility or go lenient of on any the investors when it comes to KYC or AML adherence.

The Customer Support had to be up to the Mark

With the passage of time, the customer support sector has grown vast and it is customer feedback that decides the fate of any company. This is the reason why Winbitx has invested many resources and hours to train and put together a team of experts in the customer services sector. These professionals are equipped with all the knowledge and tools they need to support investors in the most effective manner. They are available from Monday to Saturday for entire 24 hours and can be reached out via landline, email, and even chat support.

Education Center is a Major Achievement by Winbitx

Winbitx’s major achievement is the introduction of the education center. Although the exchange introduced it even when it launched, it has continued adding more content and material to it. Now, the educational content has gotten so vast that it has become a trading academy. The components currently offered at the exchange include trader’s glossary, ebooks, trading videos, webinars, seminars, and economic calendar. The educational content is very important when it comes to grooming ones trading profile and polishing their trading skills.

Winbitx has Chosen the Easiest Deposit/Withdrawal Methods

When it comes to choosing reliable and secure payment methods, Winbitx has not gone wild with numerous options. Instead, it has stuck to traditional and the most common payments of all that are debit cards, credit cards, and bank wire. However, it has made few additions with the passage of time that include wallets for major cryptocurrencies. The investors can choose the same methods when requesting withdrawals and it wouldn’t take more than a week’s time for them to receive the money.

Is Online Trading Risky or Not?

Just like any other industry, the online trading industry also has its pros and cons. However, the advantages of being part of the online trading industry are more than its disadvantages. Many people without even setting foot into the online trades claim they are risky. Although they are correct but their statement is not fully authentic because the online trading industry is full of profits as well. It depends on which side you would want to go when you start trading. The industry is indeed risky if you are not vigilant enough and profitable if you are paying attention, so the choice is yours to make.

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